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5/4/19 Communism Disguised pt 1 1622 - LISTEN (right click to dowload)

The threat of communism in America isn't just theoretical but a coming reality. David Horowitz, one of the founders of the radical Left in the 1960's and author of Dark Agenda - The War To Destroy Christian America, says the Left's strategy is to fundamentally transform this nation from within. The Left isn't just at war against Christianity but at war against all freedom. All freedom has its basis in religious liberty. The identity politics of the Democrat Party is Marxist to pit one American against another, just the opposite of Biblical principles. Social justice is tyrannical redistribution of wealth!

5/11/19 Communism Disguised pt 2 1623 - LISTEN (right click to dowload)

Karl Marx, father of communism, said, "The goal of communism is to de-throne God and destroy capitalism." Socialism creates the situation for a Stalin or Hitler to come to power. Socialists aren't communists but useful idiots the communists use to get power. Curtis Bowers, producer of Agenda 2 - Masters of Deceit, said, "Our enemies understand that morality is our greatest strength, that immorality creates corruption and government power until the people demand socialism. Socialists have used our educational system to eliminate absolute values to destroy Christian morality, the foundation of America's strength."

4/20/19 The Miracle of the Resurrection, pt 1 1620 - LISTEN (right click to dowload)

This is one of the most inspirational programs we have ever made. William Frey, author of The Dance of Hope, tells how the Resurrection was like a news flash - fascinating news that's exciting and life changing! Death no longer has any power over us. Now there's nothing to fear, only expectations of joy in heaven. Although the disciples had lost all hope, they emerged fearless men, unafraid of crucifixion. These transformed men changed the world. Professional actor, Bruce Marchiano, dramatically tells how the lifeless body of Jesus, dead for three days, came vibrantly back to life through God's power.

4/27/19 The Miracle of Heaven, pt 2 1621 - LISTEN (right click to dowload)

Is heaven a real, literal place or just an ethereal, vague concept? What happens after you die? Captain Dale Black, author of A Pilot's True Story - Flight to Heaven, A Plane Crash, A Lone Survivor, A Journey to Heaven and Back, vividly describes his horrific plane crash and his wondrous experience in an incredibly awesome place -Heaven. What do angels look like? Jesus promised mansions awaiting God's children. What are they like? Dale Black describes Heaven's music and the brilliant colors in grass, flowers, and water. But what impressed him was God's love, filling all of heaven. Dale Black's story is life changing.